Image of writer KC Speers

Hello, my name is KC Speers!

I’m the reader/writer/redhead behind Strangers & Fiction.

After thirty years of tale-telling & telling tales, I started this blog. If I’m honest, I needed somewhere to store all the characters who bumble around in my mind.

I’ve wanted to be a writer since learning to read & until recently I wrote only for myself. Mostly short stories, scraps of novels, children’s books and (once upon a time) poetry. I’ve heard once you become a writer, people bring their stories to you in the hopes you might write it down. Well, someone must have put my photo up somewhere because I am a magnet for the strange.

You know the saying there’s always one weirdo on the bus? Well, that’s true of trains, shops, cafes and pretty much every public place. Beside that weirdo is me. Usually nodding along while searching frantically for an escape route. This is an outlet for their ramblings as well as mine.

Whilst I primarily live in my own head, I am also located along the North Coast of Ireland. I live with two bright, brave & blonde homegrown daughters, a shabbily handsome husband & a rather oversized lapdog in the form of a basset hound.

While I enjoy reading almost anything, I tend to make up my own stories as well. An early school report read that I like ‘to read words that aren’t necessarily on the page’, which is basically the story of my life.