L Driver toy car

It will come as a shock to no one who knows me that I took quite a while to learn to drive. It took quite a few instructors too. Five to be precise. But only one test as I passed on the first try. My instructor was as shocked as I was. This isn’t the […]

Image of crumbly jammie dodgers

A strange story of childhood by KC Speers

Image of a brick wall

A bone-chilling story from KC Speers

Image of KC Speers with dog

In the spirit of the Me Too campaign, KC Speers shares some stories.

Image of a aqua door

The strangers you find on your doorstep

Weirdo Wednesday - Imade of a Collie

A first date that would give you the collie wobbles

Image of a creepy victorian doll

A strange encounter with some wee dolls